EAMEREuropean, African, and Middle Eastern Region (business region)
EAMEREurope Africa Middle East Region
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DMI will be the first printing partner in EAMER to implement the Prosper 6000 Press technology to address the needs for efficient news and publishing production," he continued.
Media Contact Tom Herbst Kodak Alaris EAMER PR lead +44-(0)7768-145571 or +44(0)207-274-9937 tom@tomherbstpr.
However, at the start, they had limited knowledge about the rest of EAMER.
According to Paul Willems, general manager for NexPress EAMER, "NexPress is absolutely committed to powering the success of its customers with presses that are engineered for high-volume production and best-in-class reliability.
Noens, an 11-year veteran of Eastman Software's European sales team, brings a solid knowledge of the EAMER markets and the work management industry.
She was also Regional Business General Manager, EAMER for Health Imaging.
Net sales in the EAMER region were $851 million for the first quarter of 2005 as compared with $910 million for the prior year quarter, representing a decrease of $59 million, or 6% as reported, or a decrease of 10% excluding the favorable impact of exchange.
Jacobson also will serve as the Graphic Communications Group's Chief Operating Officer, with responsibility for key strategic functions, including global services and global customer operations that will support the regions (Americas, EAMER, Greater Asia and Japan) and their integrated sales forces.
She was appointed General Counsel, EAMER in March 2004.
About a fourth of low-income eamers are new immigrants who arrived in Israel after 1990, most of them from the former Soviet Union.
not statistically significant Contribution of Change in Real After-Tax Wage Per Week and Change in Weeks Worked to Change in Real After-Tax Income, 1972 to 1996 (% wage contribution / % time contribution) Married Dual Earners Married Single Eamers Chd.
wage eamers the peace of mind to live without fear of personal bankruptcy in the face of a family illness.