EARMEast Anglian Railway Museum (UK)
EARMExamen d'Accréditation en Recherche Marketing (French: Marketing Research Certification Examination)
EARMElectronic Archiving and Records Management (Mobius Manageent Systems Inc.)
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ECTMI ECOPR ECGM ECASI ECOPR 0,57 * ECGM 0,44 * 0,45 * ECASI 0,57 * 0,40 * 0,35 * EARM 0,12 * -0,6 0,03 0,13 * * p < 0.
The main menu for EARM is shown in Figure 1, and if you saw last month's column, you will immediately note that it looks much like PNMN's main menu.
It houses world largest multi-biometric database and has very effectively used it to bring transparency in governments citizen centric initiatives like Benazir Income Support Program, Cash Disbursement Program for Internally Displaced People, Machine Readable Passport Issuance, Electronic Seafarer Cards Program, eArms License Initiative, Motorway Toll Collection using e-toll application, ID Card Verification through SMS, Integrated Border Management Solutions and Biometric Access Control Systems.