EASREnvironmental Assessment Study Report (Canada)
EASREnterprise Air Surveillance Radar (US Navy)
EASREnvironmental Activity and Sector Registry (Ontario, Canada)
EASREast African Safari Rally (car race)
EASRÉcole d'Application a la Sécurité Routière (French: School Road Safety Application)
EASREuropean Association for the Study of Religion
EASREuropean Age Standardised Rate (cancer)
EASREast Asia Strategic Report
EASREnterprise Architecture Segment Report (US OMB)
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EASR is designed to build on the algorithms used for TCP Jersey and TCP New Jersey and ensures a higher transfer rate.
Because the BERR and EASR are performed when the packet loss is caused by BER, the result shows that the higher wireless link error rate, the higher the goodput of TCP NJ+.
If RTO due to BER occurs, the EASR mechanism inflates by reducing the cwnd more quickly than other TCP schemes.
Third, if RTO caused by BER occurs, the EASR mechanism inflates the cwnd more quickly than other TCP schemes.
EASR is built on Radar Modular Assembly technology which has been matured through development and recent test successes of AN/SPY-6 for the DDG 51 Flight III destroyers.
EASR will be the main radar for self-defence and situational awareness and the backup radar for ATC, for other vessel classes.
The EASR consists of two configuration versions comprising a rotating phased array and a three-face fixed phases array.
Raytheon will be building, integrating and testing an EASR engineering development model.
Raytheon will build, integrate and test an EASR engineering development model (EDM).
The Radar Modular Assembly (RMA) affords EASR the scalability to be used on a variety of ship sizes across a diverse set of mission requirements ultimately offering reduced total ownership cost across all the EASR equipped platforms