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EAVESET NOD32 Antivirus
EAVErste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (German)
EAVEast Atlanta Village
EAVEidgenössische Alkoholverwaltung (German: Federal Alcohol Administration; Switzerland)
EAVEquine Arteritis Virus
EAVEntreprise d'Assainissement et de Voirie (French: Sanitation Company and Highways)
EAVEqualized Assessed Valuation
EAVElectroacupuncture According to Voll
EAVExposure Action Value
EAVEntity Attribute Value
EAVEnd of Active Video (ITU-R Bt.656-4)
EAVElectronic Arts Victor (joint venture; Japan)
EAVEstimated Appraisal Value
EAVEnseignement-Architecture-Ville (French: Architecture-Education City)
EAVExtended Address Volume
EAVEntraineur au Vol (French: In Flight Trainer)
EAVExtended Application Verification
EAVEquivalent Advertising Value
EAVExpired Air Ventilation (SCUBA)
EAVÉditions Autres Voix (French publisher)
EAVÉlectro Acoustique et Vidéo (French: Electro Acoustics and Video)
EAVEquivalent Annual Value
EAVEstimated Annual Volume (manufacturing)
EAVExtension Annual Volume
EAVEnterprise Anti-Virus
EAVEnhanced Audio Video
EAVEffective Arterial Volume (internal medicine)
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EAV Barbell's police ban echoed a similar incident that occurred in Brooklyn, New York last week (http://www.
Our initial EAV exam revealed Coccidiomycosis imitis (valley fever), Candida albicans, and Mycoplasma tuberculosis.
The objective of this study was to determine the presence of EAV serological reactors in the equine population of this region that constitutes 38% of the Colombian territory.
Para fins de analise do resultado da EAV, os registros da autopercepcao vocal e da avaliacao do fonoaudiologo foram classificados de acordo com os pontos de corte definidos na escala numerica proposta no estudo de Yamasakiet al.
However, Cubitron II Products offer an alternative that combines the greater longevity of the depressed centre grinding wheel with a lower EAV which typically is in the region of 3 to 4 m/[s.
27) realizaron un estudio cruzado, doble ciego, controlado con placebo y aleatorizado en 8 pacientes con DMF cronico en quienes no se encontraron cambios significativos de la intensidad promedio del dolor medido con la EAV entre el nivel basal y despues de 4 semanas de tratamiento con 30mg/dia de memantina o placebo y entre los 2 tratamientos (promedio basal del dolor entre ambos grupos de 40, a las 4 semanas con memantina de 42 y con placebo de 43, p = 0,16).
An exclusive three-year agreement has been signed between S&S and Ball State University, under the terms of which three EAVs will be hosted each year.
Prior to joining EAV, Miller was president of his own investment firm.
Peripheral blood lymphocyte samples from 100 vaccinees were further tested by polymerase chain reaction for both ALV and EAV proviral sequences; all were negative.
ECV (Extended Content Verification) and EAV (Extended Application Verification) server health checking (though TCP/UDP application port checking is included in the Layer 4 capability)
Reinhold Voll beginning in 1979, 2016 marks 37 years commitment to EAV.