EBAPSElectron Bombarded Active Pixel Sensor (Intevac)
EBAPSEpistemological Beliefs Assessment for Physical Science (University of California, Berkeley)
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Specific forward-looking statements contained in this press release include, but are not limited to, the expected value of the EBAPS award, the successful development of the EBAPS sensor and camera, and the expected availability of, and applications for, the EBAPS sensor and camera.
Intevac's patented EBAPS sensor is an extreme low-light digital sensor designed for use in next-generation head-mounted night-vision systems.
We have spent a number of years developing our EBAPS sensor technology, are now working on our first production program for military deployment, and are excited about delivering sensors that will make a real difference to soldiers in the field.
NightVista(TM), EBAPS (R)and LIVAR(R) are trademarks of Intevac, Inc.