EBCDExtended Binary Coded Decimal
EBCDEmergency Boot Compact Disc
EBCDExpanded Binary Coded Decimal
EBCDEuropean Bureau for Conservation and Development
EBCDEarly Brain and Child Development
EBCDElayne Brennan Creative Direction (Ireland)
EBCDEmergency Boot Compact Disc (computer science)
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Documented outcomes of EBCD include changes that improve patient experience, improvements in relationships between providers and patients, and improved communication across departments and between and among clinicians and staff (Roberts 2013).
The DataTest 5 performs frame-level decoding for HDLC and SDLC and handles ASCII, EBCDIC, EBCD, Baudot, Ipars and Hex codes.
Contact: Melanie Lamaison, EBCD, Ph : + 32 / 2 230 30 70, melanie.