EBCHRElla Baker Center for Human Rights (est. 1996; Oakland, CA)
EBCHRElectron Beam Cold Hearth Refining (melting refractory metals and laboratory-scale melts)
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Data on control of structure formation of high speed steel ingots in EBCHR are practically absent in the literature.
Cylindrical ingots of 70, 100 and 130 mm diameter and 140 x 160 mm slabs from high speed steel R6M5, produced by EBCHR method from industrial waste of tool production according to developed by RPE <<Gekont>> technology, were used as investigation objects [5].
Increased (10-102 [degrees]C/s) cooling rate of overheated in intermediate unit steel melt caused in EBCHR during solidification in copper water-cooled glide mould change of kinetics of its eutectic solidification, which effected quantity, morphology and character of distribution of eutectic component of the structure.