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The EBDI partners also responded to residents' legitimate fears of an environmental health nightmare from lead, asbestos and rat droppings that would be released in the atmosphere by the wrecking ball.
The EBDI engine project is a great example because it turns the gasoline-ethanol equation upside down.
At the Community Resource Center, the hub of EBDI, the workforce readiness room will complement the organization's efforts to equip residents with the skills needed to obtain meaningful employment.
East Baltimore used to be one of the most challenged areas of Baltimore, and our organization strives to better the neighborhood for the long term," said Chris Shea, interim CEO of EBDI.
The project will use Ricardo's EBDI flex fuel engine, developed from a production V6 gasoline engine, to repower two GMC Sierra 3500 HD pickup trucks, each with a curb weight of 6,000 pounds.
The market-readiness of Ricardo's EBDI technology, which optimizes flex-fuel vehicles to burn ethanol with consumer value, horsepower and fuel economy that is comparable to gasoline.
Beazley, who will present a technical paper on the collaborative EBDI research program at DEER, said Ricardo is able to reduce displacement by 25-50 percent while delivering not only torque that's competitive with direct-injection diesels in a spark-ignited engine, but fuel economy as well.
At the same time, EBDI technology relies on well-established three-way catalyst after-treatment technology instead of costly, complex and bulky diesel systems, such as particulate filters and SCR catalysts now required by many on- and off-road diesel applications to meet EPA emissions legislation.
EBDI solves many of the challenges faced by flex-fuel engines because it is optimized for both alternative fuels and gasoline.
In real-world terms, these efficiencies mean that EBDI can reduce the actual cost of transportation when compared to fossil fuels, and it does it with a renewable resource - ethanol," said Rod Beazley, director of Ricardo's Gasoline Product Group.
The EBDI also provides user programmability through upgradeable firmware.
The EBDI is a low-cost development tool for M-CORE and CPU32-based MCUs.