EBDIEast Baltimore Development Inc. (Baltimore, MD)
EBDIElectronic Business Data Interchange
EBDIEuropean Business Development Institute
EBDIEnhanced Background Debug Interface
EBDIElectronic Bearing Distance Indicator (Goodrich)
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The EBDI partners also responded to residents' legitimate fears of an environmental health nightmare from lead, asbestos and rat droppings that would be released in the atmosphere by the wrecking ball.
The EBDI engine project is a great example because it turns the gasoline-ethanol equation upside down.
When asked about the commercial timetable of the EBDI and potential interest from OEMs, Rod Beazley, director of the Ricardo Inc.
According to Ricardo, EBDI solves challenges faced by flex-fuel engines because it is optimized for both alternative fuels and gasoline.
In real-world terms, these efficiencies mean that EBDI can reduce the actual cost of transportation when compared to fossil fuels and it does it with a renewable resource--ethanol," said Beaziey, who noted that other companies providing engineering resources and hardware to the project include Behr, Bosch, Delphi, Federal Mogul, GW Castings and Honeywell.
At the Community Resource Center, the hub of EBDI, the workforce readiness room will complement the organization's efforts to equip residents with the skills needed to obtain meaningful employment.
East Baltimore used to be one of the most challenged areas of Baltimore, and our organization strives to better the neighborhood for the long term," said Chris Shea, interim CEO of EBDI.
It's important that we support organizations such as EBDI that are doing the hard work of ensuring individuals have the resources and tools they need to support their families and gain self-sufficiency in a healthy and safe environment.
The enhancement project at EBDI, and others across the country, reinforces ARAMARK's commitment to volunteer service and supports "United We Serve," a national effort launched by President Obama to engage more Americans in serving their communities this summer.