EBDMEvidence Based Decision Making
EBDMEconomics of Behaviour and Decision Making (seminar series; London, England, UK)
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The clinical experience, expertise and judgment of respected health care professionals do play important roles in EBDM.
To provide the best possible care to patients, EBDM in dental hygiene relies on the incorporation of the best available evidence; the clinician's skills, knowledge, and experience; and the patient's needs and preferences.
In this forum, all three components of the EBDM process could be considered.
Although a few authors have described the need to integrate EBP into dental hygiene curricula, (8-11) there is limited information on strategies employed for exposure to EBDM practices and to what extent the faculty incorporate EBDM into clinical situations with students.
To understand how students best learn and integrate EBDM into their practice, their learning profile should be assessed.
14) This model was used as the basis for integration of EBDM throughout the U-M Dental Hygiene Program.
Most recently, she presented an EBDM educational session to the dental hygiene staff at OCC.
Going into the program at U-M, I didn't know about EBDM.
Everyone speaks about EBDM in our profession, but potentially there are hygienists who may not have received training on how to access electronic databases to obtain the most current and reliable research.
On just one part of the Lockheed Martin F-35 aircraft, known as the Flaperon Spars, it is estimated that pre-forms made using EBDM technology, in lieu of the current process, will save the Air Force $100 million (over the lifetime of the aircraft).
EBDM is about solving clinical problems and involves two fundamental principles:
Evidence alone is never sufficient to make a clinical decision, as was discussed in the definition of EBDM, and