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EBEEat or Be Eaten
EBEEcho Bridge Entertainment (various locations)
EBEExcédent Brut d'Exploitation (French accounting)
EBEExecutable Backends
EBEEmpty New Base Expression
EBEEuropean Biopharmaceutical Enterprises (trade association)
EBEEntité Biologique Extraterrestre (French: Extraterrestrial Biological Entity)
EBEEntidad Biológica Extraterrestre (Spanish: Extraterrestrial Biological Entity)
EBEExtraterrestrial Biological Entity
EBEEmployee Business Expense (taxes)
EBEEvidence-Based Education
EBEExpert by Experience (various organizations)
EBEEncyclopaedia Britannica Educational Corporation
EBEEuropean Brandenburg Ensemble
EBEEuropean Bridges Ensemble (electronic musicians)
EBEElectron Beam Evaporation (semi-conductor industry)
EBEEnhanced Blog Edition (software)
EBEElger Bay Elementary (Camano Island, WA)
EBEElectronic Battlefield Environment
EBEe-Business Engineering
EBEEnglish for Business and Economics
EBEElectron Binding Energy
EBEEuropean Bureau for the Environment
EBEEnterprise Business Entity
EBEElectronic Brain Enhancement (from BBC comedy series Look Around You)
EBEEvaluation Basis Event
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Furthermore, the scheme will provide support for the Export Credit Guarantee Company of Egypt, in which the EBE holds majority ownership, to partially cover and share transaction risk.
Having broadened its scope of activities over the years to include commercial and retail banking services, EBE has moved beyond exclusively being Egypt's export finance bank.
In addition, along with the appointment of Mehlsen, the Danish JNA and Spar businesses will be moved organisationally and become part of business area EBE.
This special issue takes stock of the current state of EBE as well as the opportunities and limits of modeling it after evidence-based practice in other fields.
En terminos generales, las medidas han consistido en la implementacion de espacios y tiempos especificos y la especializacion, total o parcial, de profesorado para atenderlos y el EBE fue una de ellas.
The 2014 EBEFF includes screenings, social events and networking opportunities, and a closing night Banquet and awards ceremony where the coveted EBE statues will be awarded.
Greer asserted that they could not reveal the location of the being or the name of the person or persons who possess it but he had actually visited the group that possessed this EBE and personally and professionally examined the being.
If only for their oddity, of interest are the manuscripts in staff notation (EBE MS 960, EBE MS 1946) dated in the early 19th century, that Touliatos assumes were connected to King Otto' s court (1832-1862).
1] e dose integral de 10, 25 e 50KGy, na presenca de oxigenio a temperatura ambiente (~298[degrees]K), apos 5 anos de armazenamento em ambiente nao controlado aberta para o ar, para avaliar a resistencia a degradacao oxidativa de misturas PS/PP(80/20) com e sem compatibilizante EBE para 2,5% em peso.
It is khaki coloured and has the words EBE Services painted on the side in gold and yellow letters.
EBE controls 69% in Bangkanai PSC, containing the Kerendan gas field.
The American Trucking Associations (ATA) has announced its endorsement of EBE Technologies' CSA 2010 Dashboard as an effective driver management solution to help large and small trucking companies manage their responsibilities under the upcoming CSA 2010 regulations.