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EBLAEbey’s Landing National Historical Reserve (US National Park Service)
EBLAExperience-Based Language Acquisition (software)
EBLAEducation Brings Leadership and Achievement (Georgia)
EBLAEpidermolysis Bullosa, Lethal Acantholytic
EBLAExtend Broad-Spectrum Beta-Lactamase (biology)
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Hilal Arnaoot CEO of EBLA said, "With upcoming opportunities in the regional IT sector, EBLA plans to use the equity injection to grow both organically through geographic expansion and by offering its clients an assortment of additional product and services as well as through strategic acquisitions.
International Resource News-7 April 2010-Petro-Canada to produce gas from Ebla gas project(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.
I loved the whole concept as it urged photography enthusiasts to think of a aegreen' perspective at a point of time," Syrian winner Ebla Maleh, 28, said.
The GOT still has the lion's share with brands Al Hamraa, Al Sham, Ebla and Orient, with between 12.
Archaeologists have discovered extensive writings and evidence of a brilliant culture rivaling those of Mesopotamia and Egypt in and around the ancient city of Ebla.
Ebla Computers, the company's distributor for projectors in Syria, has also closed the tender to supply MP511 and MP612 projectors to Damascus University, one of Syria's prestigious universities.
Summary: Petrofac awarded a US$477 million lump-sum contract by Petro-Canada Palmyra to construct a gas treatment plant for the Ebla project in Syria.
In 1975, beneath the ancient earthen mound known as Tell Mardikh, an Italian archeological team discovered the archives of Ebla, a Sumerian city located today in Northern Syria.
This celebrated Somalian writer's first novel--available for the first time in English--tells the story of 18-year-old Ebla, who flees her nomadic camp to escape the older man to whom her grandfather has promised her.
One of the oldest rituals was the scapegoat ritual that had been practiced in Ebla as early as the third millennium BCE.
Even so, in 1980 archaeologists, according to Casson were working 30 miles south of Aleppo in Syria, at the ancient site of Ebla.
Call in, too, on the important archaeological site at Ebla where excavations have revealed the remnants of Bronze Age urban civilisation.