EBMAEuropean Bluegrass Music Association
EBMAEuropean Bicycle Manufacturers Association
EBMAElectric Boat Management Association (General Dynamics Corporation)
EBMAExhaustive Block Matching Algorithm
EBMAEric Berne Memorial Award
EBMAElectron Beam Microprobe Analysis
EBMAEuropean BHT Manufacturers Association
EBMAEmergency Blood Management Arrangement (UK)
EBMAExtended Boundary Condition Modal Analysis
EBMAEconomy Borough Municipal Authority
EBMAEngine Booster Maintenance Area
EBMAElectronic Bingo Manufacturers' Association, Inc. (Fountain Hills, Arizona)
EBMAEaston Business Management Association (Easton, Maryland)
EBMAEncyclopedia Britannica Macropedia
EBMAEurope BEGO Medical AG
EBMAEast Buffalo Media Association
EBMAEast Bronx Ministerial Association (New York)
EBMAEducation for Business Managers and Administrators (UK)
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September 2012: Commission initiates investigation into Chinese circumvention of anti-dumping measures following a complaint filed by EBMA in August
This is the kind of theory I learned in the EBMA programme that I could bring back to the organisation and apply.
As more EBMA studies become available, there will be objective evidence to design more specific treatment protocols with more details regarding treatment styles and techniques, efficacy, dosing and duration, and frequency of treatments.