EBMGEstación de Bioloxía Mariña da Graña (Spanish scientific institution)
EBMGExtended Business Management GmbH (Germany)
EBMGEvidence-Based Medicine Guideline
EBMGExcel Bradshaw Management Group (Carle Place, NY)
EBMGElectronic Bidding by Mario Groleau (software)
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Having Treasurer Rios participate in this event is a testament to how significant the Bay Area manufacturing industry is to the economic welfare of our country," said Karen Burns, co-founder of the EBMG and Audit Partner at Sensiba San Filippo.
The EBMG provides a forum for networking and sharing industry specific thought leadership and best practices, to build strategic alliances and affiliations, to create innovative changes in the regional business culture, and to promote economic development among East Bay-based manufacturers - regardless of size and focus.