EBSPElectron Backscattering Pattern
EBSPEthnic Business Support Programme (UK)
EBSPEnterprise Business Systems Project
EBSPElectronic Baggage Screening Program
EBSPEdinburgh Randomised Breast Screening Project (breast cancer study; Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)
EBSPEvent-Based Science Project (middle school science curriculum)
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Recognising that certain groups in the society face more barriers than most in setting up businesses and need extra support in the early stages, EBSP became a part of the "Potentia Programme".
EBSP director Akmal Hanuk said: ``It is a two-way thing.
Abdul-Aziz Barazi of EBSP says anyone from an ethnic minority background who wants to start up their own business can contact them for free advice and information.
The work of EBSP and a wide range of partner bodies helps different groups to overcome these barriers and ensures that Wales gains full advantage from what its ethnic minority residents have to offer.
Akmal Hanuk, programme director for EBSP, said, 'Ethnic people still face a variety of barriers in attempting to set up their own businesses.
EBSP, part of the WDA's potentia project, assists emerging ethnic entrepreneurs prior to setting up their businesses.
Then there's Allen Mbengeranwa,a young entrepreneur from Bangor, who used the services of EBSP and Antur Dwyryd Llyn to set up a company specialising in environmentally friendly solutions for used car tyres.
The reception was co-hosted by EBSP and Suiokai, a group set up as a bridge between the cultures of Wales and Japan.
EBSP,funded by the WDA and ERDF to provide free pre-business start-up advice and help for ethnic entrepreneurs in Wales,had already helped 550 people to set up or develop businesses.
This week, the Welsh Development Agency launched an inquiry into EBSP Ltd, following a Western Mail story in which the company's chief executive and managing director Saleem Kidwai admitted he had not disclosed to the WDA and the Assembly Government that he had been a bankrupt.
Mr Mbengeranwa, of African origin, said: ``I have been working with both Business Connect Bangor and EBSP to make sure my business proposal is airtight, before I take the next step of finding finance.