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ECCEEarly Childhood Care and Education
EcceExtensible Computational Chemistry Environment
ECCEExtra Capsular Cataract Extraction (cataract surgery)
ECCEEuropean Council of Civil Engineers
ECCEExamination for the Certificate of Competency in English
ECCEEuropean Centre for Community Education (Koblenz, Germany)
ECCEExam for the Certificate of Competency in English
ECCEExploring Church Careers Event (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod)
ECCEEscherichia Coli Cell Envelope
ECCEEmeritus Certified Cost Engineer
ECCEEffective Calcium Carbonate Equivalent (liming)
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The second product focuses on the root of humanity, children, to develop an African ECCE Resourcebook.
ECCE Plus provides improved capability compared to previous versions of ECCE, and supports development of either Freeze Version I (1105) or Freeze Version II (0710).
Over the past three years Save the Children's ECCE program has been working strenuously in developing a working model for ECCE which has now being institutionalized by the government.
But even though young parents of the struggling garden city appreciate vintage pre-primaries such as HSM and First Steps, Cunningham Road, they are also appreciative of new genre new millennium ECCE habitats such as the Indus Early LearningCentre, Whitefield (IELC, estb.
i) Gender Parity Index (GPI) in ECCE = Boy's enrolment in ECCE in year 't'/ Girl's enrolment in ECCE in year 't'
The most common procedure done was Conventional ECCE with posterior chamber intraocular lense (60.
With one of the world's largest populations, Africa does offer excellent prospects for ECCE, Toy, Baby & infant products, Stationery and Book markets.
Ages ranged from 54 to 92 years (average 76 years) in the ECCE group and from 14 to 99 years of age (average 75 years of age) in the Phaco group.
How do you use the ECCE to calculate lime application rates?
Specific emphasis is placed on the historical development of ECCE, the administrative organization, the collaboration among various agencies in Kenya, ECCE curriculum, and teachers' professional training.
In a survey conducted by French market research company ECCE on a panel of 500 buyers from Jan.