ECEAEast Coast Enduro Association (motorcyclists)
ECEAExceptional Children's Education Act
ECEAEarly Childhood Equity Alliance (social justice education)
ECEAEnd Cutting Edge Angle (metal cutting)
ECEAEarly Childhood Education Association of Colorado (est. 1985)
ECEAElectronic Commerce Europe Association
ECEAEarly Childhood Education Administration
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ECEA has used this funding to formulate an effective continuum of services and care for the district's youth.
To help ensure that children enter school ready to learn, ECEA established a comprehensive set of standards designed to improve the quality of early learning experiences for children.
Hailu Gebre Hiwot, president ECEA, Ethiopia; Joseph Taguma, general manager, Zambia Coffee Growers Association; Andrea Thompson, head of analysis and research at Coffee-network; Niels Van Heeren, production and certification, Utz Kapeh.