ECEAPEarly Childhood Education Assistance Program (WA state version of Head Start, a preschool program for income eligible children)
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Part of her coursework includes taking videos of herself as she teaches students in the ECEAP preschool program, trying out various concepts she's learned through online lectures, then posting her videos for feedback from instructors and from two of her peers.
2007 Progress Report Improvements No Measurable Change -- Establishment of the Department -- More than 10,000 eligible of Early Learning low-income preschoolers not served by Head Start or ECEAP -- Establishment of Thrive by Five -- No improvement in percentage Washington, a public-private of African-American students partnership who passed the 4th grade reading WASL -- Increase in the percentage of 4th graders who met the reading standard Math & Science: Still Lacking A Competitive Edge Overall grade: D
Using the Raising A Reader products, preschoolers in the ECEAP and Head Start programs will be targeted.