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ECEFEarth Centered Earth Fixed
ECEFEnterprise and Career Education Foundation (Australia)
ECEFExhibition and Convention Executives Forum (Arlington, VA)
ECEFEarliest Completing Edge First (algorithm)
ECEFEosinophil Cytotoxicity Enhancing Factor (biological chemistry)
ECEFEuropean Clean Energy Fund (EU)
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At last, the ECEF is transformed back to WGS84 which is given by
Coordinates Transformation from ECEF to ECXI System
In order to determine the ECXI coordinates of grid elements, two steps are required: 1) transform the locations and velocities of the transmitter and receiver from the ECEF coordinate system to the ECXI system; 2) conduct a coordinates calculating process for grid elements.
The conversion of velocity from the ECEF to the ENU coordinate system is given as
De la misma forma que para la ECEF, para confirmar la estructura factorial de la EEBCEF se aplico un analisis factorial confirmatorio.
Ademas, previamente, se validaron las escalas ECEF (Escala de Comunicacion verbal y no verbal en Educacion Fisica), y EEBEF (Escala de Evitacion de las Barreras en Educacion Fisica), disenadas para este estudio, que, preliminarmente, presentaron una adecuada validez y fiabilidad.
Programs have been written to sort the ephemeredes data into matrix format; to find the satellites' positions in ECEF coordinates and for the estimation of various errors.
Today's ECEF is the eighth quarterly edition of the fair, which has been running since November 2015.
a) Interested NSFs have a month to register electronically in advance for the ECEF, and can immediately gain access to a customised set of e-resources, such as career preparation tips, career skills workshops and industry insights to prepare them for their career search.
It's typical to make transformation from latitude, longitude, height to ECEF coordinate system.
Sequence of coordinates (in ECEF frame) for vechicle moving along path is shown in Fig.