ECEPEnergy, Commodities, Export Project
ECEPEvery Child Every Promise
ECEPEarly Childhood Evaluation Program
ECEPEquine and Comparative Exercise Physiology
ECEPElectronic Currency Exchange Program
ECEPEast and Central Europe Program
ECEPEastern Carolina Emergency Physicians
ECEPeffectively connected earnings and profits
ECEPEscherichia coli enteropatogenica
ECEPEarly Childhood Education Professional
ECEPEffective Compliance and Ethics Program
ECEPEarly Care and Education Program
ECEPExternal Clinical Education Program
ECEPEarly Childhood Educational Programs
ECEPEarly Childhood Education Programme
ECEPEarly Care and Education Provider
ECEPEarly College Entrance Program
ECEPExperiment Checkout Equipment Processor (NASA)
ECEPEarly Childhood Endorsement Program
ECEPEnvironment Capacity Enhancement Project
ECEPEarly Childhood Education Pilot
ECEPEast Coast Entertainment Productions
ECEPEnhancing the Capacity of Election Practitioners
ECEPEquivalent Circular Probable Error (two-dimensional probability and statistics)
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ETS has a long-standing relationship with colleges, universities and advising centers throughout the world, and we will continue to draw upon their expertise as we expand the network through the ECEP program.
Later in 2005, ETS will launch phase two of its ECEP program that will enable institutions, language schools and other organizations to deliver, market and sell a variety of ETS learning products and services.
pdf ("Government officials have been exclaiming the importance of ECEPs in much the same way that parents urge kids to eat vegetables--'they are good for you.