ECEREuropean Conference on Educational Research
ECEREast Coast Economic Region (Malaysia)
ECERExceptional Child Education Resources
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ECERDC's role in the collaboration is to harness the energies and unique strengths of both universities through industry-academic collaboration that will benefit the investors in ECER, particularly in developing local talents to meet the needs of the industries.
ECERDC is a statutory body established under an Act of Parliament to drive the implementation of projects and key programmes identified in ECER Malaysia's Master Plan.
03 billion) of investments to ECER Malaysia each year, of which 2 billion ringgit are expected to come from the Middle East.
AiAFollowing the footsteps of our successful mission to both countries in May last year, this upcoming trip is crucial as it gives the ECER the chance to seal several business opportunities with companies in the UAE and Saudi Arabia,AiA said Issace John.
The ECER project, set up by Lyon Ville de l'Entrep-reneuriat, polls businesses in 27 countries to produce the ranking.
These incentives are specially tailored to investors who are venturing into the key ECER clusters.
The ECER project, initiated by Lyon Ville de l'Entrepreneuriat, established a ranking of entrepreneurial cities based on how the quality of service is perceived by contractors in 27 European cities.
The scheme, beginning this month, is likely to advantage 2,000 micro and small-and-medium sized entrepreneurs (SMEs) in Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang and Mersing by end-2015, as per statement issued by ECER.
2007) of around 300 early education settings and roughly 600 children, does include the same ECERS quality indicators that were available in the EPPE study.
The results indicated that centers evaluating with ECERS showed statistically significant improvement in the activities category.