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ECFEuropean Career Fair (MIT European Club)
ECFÉcole de Conduite Française (French: French Driving School)
ECFEarly Cancellation Fee (various companies)
ECFEclipse Communications Framework
ECFExperts-Comptables et Commissaires aux Comptes de France (French: Accountants and Auditors of France; union)
ECFEnhanced Connectivity Facilities (IBM)
ECFEast Coast Fertility (New York)
ECFEspace Campus France (French study abroad program; various locations)
ECFElectronic Cigarette Forum
ECFError Carried Forward
ECFEmissor Cupom Fiscal (Brazil)
ECFEuropean Construction Forum (Belgium)
ECFEntropic Cascade Failure
ECFEquipment Characteristics File
ECFEngineering Computer Facility
ECFExecutable Choreography Framework (middleware-level framework)
ECFeCommerce Framework G5 (trademark of Mediachase ASP.NET)
ECFEssential Command Function
ECFEuropean Cooperation Fund
ECFEnhanced Communications Facility
ECFEarth Center Fixed
ECFElectronic Contracts Folder
ECFEmergency Calendar Filler
ECFExpected Cost of Failure
ECFEvolutionary Computation Framework (algorithm development framework)
ECFEastern Communication Forum
ECFExponential Correlation Function
ECFExercise Countermeasures Facility
ECFElliptic Curve Factorization (mathematics)
ECFEmployee's Clearance Form
ECFEnterprise Capital Fund
ECFErie Community Foundation (Erie, PA)
ECFExtracellular Fluid
ECFEosinophil Chemotactic Factor (immunology)
ECFEmployees Community Fund (Boeing Puget Sound)
ECFEconomic Cooperation Foundation (Tel Aviv, Israel)
ECFeCommerce Foundation
ECFEuropean Charcot Foundation
ECFEthical Culture Fieldston (Bronx, NY)
ECFEpiscopal Church Foundation (New York, NY)
ECFEuropean Corporate Finance
ECFEarly Church Fathers
ECFEnterocutaneous Fistula (postoperative complication)
ECFEnglish Chess Federation
ECFEnd Cruelty Forever (anti-animal cruelty organization)
ECFEngineering Consulting Firm
ECFEuropean Coordinating Facility
ECFEast China Fair (trade show)
ECFExtended Care Facility (health care)
ECFEuropean Cyclists Federation
ECFEuropean Cultural Foundation
ECFEastern Conference Finals (basketball)
ECFElemental Chlorine-Free (bleaching)
ECFEmployees Compensation Fund
ECFEntry Control Facility
ECFEast Coast Fever
ECFElectronic Case Filing System (Administrative Office of the US Courts)
ECFElectronic Claim Form (insurance)
ECFElectronic Claim File (insurance)
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By joining together we can provide a full spectrum of services to individuals with disabilities that begins at birth and continues throughout their lives," said ECF President and CEO Dr.
More recently, the ECF has enabled hundreds of artists throughout Europe to take their work across borders, and thousands of young people to participate in artistic projects.
The ellagitannin-rich fraction eluted with 60% MeOH (fr 111) was concentrated and freeze-dried to obtain a dry powder of ECF (3.
In September 2014, SC released its public response paper on the proposed ECF framework having reviewed the comments and feedback received from various stakeholders on the proposed ECF framework.
Each year, ECF serves 3,500 clients and their families at 15 program sites, in clients' homes, and in community settings throughout Los Angeles County.
The extension will help to provide the Liberian authorities with more time to implement actions on the fiscal and structural fronts public financial management, public sector debt, and strengthening international reserves that are required for the completion of the fourth review under the ECF and the related disbursement.
Illinois was one state that managed to receive a significant amount of funding from the ECF and used the money to kick-start programmatic changes with one of the country's larger ARRA-driven subsidized employment efforts.
The partnership between The World-Wide Group and ECF is an example of the public and private sectors working together with the community to advance an important project during a difficult time," said David Lowenfeld, executive vice president of The World-Wide Group.
According to Boeing its employees have donated more than USD500m to ECF Puget Sound since the fund was founded in 1951.
The competition is an English Chess Federation Grand Prix event meaning several local players will be looking to enhance their current status within the ECF GP ladders, including former British Under-150 (old grade) champion Robert Clegg who leads the 140-159 section with 560 points, 41 ahead of Netherton's Richard Desmedt.
The four other recipients of the ECF centenary donations were Stroke North, St Alban's Centre in Windy Nook, Gateshead, Byker Bridge Housing Association and Monkchester Community Association in Walker.
Jet-Lube Jacking System Grease ECF, ALCO-EP ECF, and Wire Line Lubricant ECF join Jet-Lube thread compounds in meeting Norway's Yellow (SFT) and the United Kingdom's "E" classification by CEFAS.