ECHGEnglish Churches Housing Group
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But at the same time, ECHG is carrying out a separate review of its services, which could put up to 21 posts at Assisted Living at risk.
ECHG's board remains to provide familiar faces and to ensure ECHG stays true to its values.
At his lowest ebb Sean, 29, who started his career in the TA Signals before joining the Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers becoming an Army Commando, remembered he had the number for The Beacon - a service run by Riverside ECHG, which helps members of the forces who have become homeless.
YORE-9BNHP4 - Provision of Housing Related Support Service by Riverside ECHG Floating Support (SID 1166).
Run by Riverside ECHG it aims to provide residents with the skills and confidence to move on with their lives.
A friend he had known from the old hostel pointed him in the direction of STAGES, run by Riverside ECHG, and he moved into one of the of 30 en-suite rooms.
If we can make pounds 10,000 we will be really happy," Trevor Morris, MOD support manager at housing association Riverside ECHG, said.
It will be run by Riverside ECHG and it aims to provide a launch pad for residents to gain the skills and confidence to move on with their lives.
Susan Littlemore, of Riverside ECHG, which runs the hostel, said: "We can confirm sadly there was a death at the scheme yesterday.
Clare, who works as a finance assistant for ECHG, provider of social and supported housing, said volunteering is a very big parst of her life.