ECIXEconomic Conversion Information Exchange
ECIXEuropean Commercial Internet Exchange
ECIXEuropean Commercial Internet Exchange (Germany)
ECIXElectronic Component Information Exchange
ECIXEnergy and Climate Information Exchange
ECIXEconomic Conversion Information Exchange (US DOC)
ECIXElectronic Component Interchange
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ECIX provides services to over 180 customers throughout its 30 points of presence within Germany.
The doubling of our network traffic over the past year reflects the demand of our growing customer base of service providers and enterprises for greater bandwidth and performance," said ECIX CEO Stefan Wahl.
To build a cost-effective alternative, ECIX leveraged the high density of the Force10 C300, which supports up to 384 line-rate Gigabit and 64 line-rate 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports in a small form factor.
With its new technology, ECIX expects lower port costs for registered members as well as a reduction in operating and support costs.
Due to the rapid growth in data volume ECIX decided to replace its current switch infrastructure with new systems better suited to meeting future demands with a modernized, scalable resilient Ethernet architecture.
The initial release of PIP2A9 will immediately add important new functionality to RosettaNet, while offering minimal migration impact to Si2 ECIX customers who have already invested in prior releases of ECIX QuickData.
The ECIX program was formed in the second half of 1996.
Andy Graham, president of Si2, stated, "This new application of ECIX QuickVC technology based on QuickData to Internet-based transactions between companies involved in the VC community will lead to greatly reduced search and selection times for system-on-chip designs, thus facilitating improved time-to-market.
Software to support the generation of VC queries and/or the handling of responses based on draft specifications of ECIX QuickVC were provided by Synchronicity, RAPID and VCX.
Andy Graham, president of Si2, stated, "More than 85 companies have participated in the ECIX QuickData Program since it was announced at DAC last June.
Today we have a full suite of capability to enable full intelligent electronic content to be exchanged using the ECIX standard and XML as the web transfer vehicle.
This CD contains Si2's ECIX, OLA,and the CHDStd presentations, standards, sample instances, and product information from the vendors supporting the initiative.