ECLFExtended Common Log Format
ECLFEdmonton Community Loan Fund (Edmonton Financial Literacy Society; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
ECLFEuropean Competition Lawyers Forum (est. 1994; EU)
ECLFExperienced Civilian Labor Force (socioeconomics)
ECLFEast Coast Lesbian Festival
ECLFEmployed Civilian Labor Force (demographic)
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Lighting has the smallest ECLF since its height is above the occupied zone.
Once the overall ECLF is known, the relationship between supply flow rate and supply air temperature is governed by the following equation:
For convenient use of the ECLF database in future, the room cooling load should be the cooling load in well-mixing ventilation (ASHRAE 2005).
The ECLF values in the FER system require further investigation.
Field studies are needed to determine the errors caused by overlooking plenum heat gains and to refine the CFD simulation method before an ECLF database is established using such a method.
This study proposed the framework of the ECLF method.
Here, a novel method of obtaining the ECLFs using CFD techniques is proposed.
Since indoor radiant heat transfer relates to heat source location and room geometry, the ECLFs would change with the room height.
Although ECLFs were not measured, it is obvious that the convective heat from lighting and the conductive heat in the upper zone were taken out of the atrium by exhaust air, without being dealt with by chillers.
5[degrees]F]) and two air change rates of 9 and 12 were studied to evaluate their effects on thermal stratification and ECLFs.