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ECNExplicit Congestion Notification
ECNEngineering Computer Network
ECNElectronic Component News (electronics industry periodical)
ECNElectronic Communications Network (stock market)
ECNEnergieonderzoek Centrum Nederland
ECNElite Casting Network (est. 1998)
ECNÉpreuves Classantes Nationales (French educational testing)
ECNEuropean Competition Network (EU)
ECNExamen Classant National (French: National Review Ranking)
ECNEnvironmental Change Network (UK)
ECNExhibit City News (convention industry)
ECNElectronic Change Notification
ECNEnvironmental Change Network
ECNElectronic Communications Network
ECNEngineering Change Notice
ECNElectoral Commission of Namibia (Namibia)
ECNEnergy Research Center of the Netherlands (Petten, The Netherlands)
ECNEcole Centrale de Nantes (French College of Engineering)
ECNEuropean Counter Network
ECNEngineering Change Notification
ECNEmergency Communications Network (telephone emergency services)
ECNEncoding Control Notation
ECNEnhanced Capital Note
ECNElectronic Commerce Network
ECNElectronic Crossing Network
ECNExtended Choice Network (enhancement of NHS Choose & Book system)
ECNEducational Computing Network
ECNEnvironmental Capital Network
ECNEarly Childhood Network
ECNEpoxy Cresol Novolac
ECNEquipment Control Number
ECNEastman Color Negative (film processing)
ECNEl Cajon National (sports; El Cajon, CA)
ECNElectronic Change Notice
ECNEnteral Clinical Nutrition
ECNEcoNews Africa
ECNEventchannelnetwork (Object Oriented, Real-Time Asynchronous Communication Infrastructure for Embedded Systems)
ECNMinimum Essential Emergency Communications Network (US DoD)
ECNElectron Configuration Notation
ECNExecutive Consultants Network
ECNExecutive Control Node (US FEMA)
ECNEmployment Change Notice
ECNEvolving Clustering Network
ECNLefkosa, Cyprus (Turkish Part) - Ercan Airport (Airport Code)
ECNEquipage Category Number
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In addition, ECN Capital has agreed to an incentive compensation plan with senior management that will be based on the achievement of a prescribed return on average equity over the next five years.
The acquisition of ECN provides Stellwagen Group with an established asset management platform, complimentary expertise and increased distribution capabilities.
ECN develops new technology and conducts pioneering research in various ways into innovative solutions to facilitate the transition to sustainable energy management.
This result shows once again the synergy of our long lasting and fruitful cooperation with Yingli and ECN, who did the majority of work to achieve this.
In our view, ECN benefits from the wider group's scale and franchise in corporate and retail segments across Africa, which should help ensure business growth and revenue stability, despite the difficult Nigerian economy.
Finally, ECN and its sister publications recently announced the Young Mind Awards.
Nakakuwa says that the survey also wants to find out wether the public thinks that ECN includes minority groups in its voting processess.
El objetivo de este trabajo piloto es describir las caracteristicas clinicas y demograficas que presentan los pacientes con ECN atendidos en un importante centro de referencia para el sur occidente colombiano.
ECN Brief is addressed to members of the legal and business community, the judiciary, consumer associations and academics as well as any individuals interested in EU antitrust law.
ECN, BMITB, and DDS were blended at given weight ratios and the curing behavior of these ECN/BMITB/DDS blends was evaluated by dynamic DSC (see Fig.
We chose to work with ECN because of its 18-year relationship with the broadcast community and the services it offers the advertising community," Langrock added.
Se debe tener en cuenta que en ocasiones los casos sospechosos de ECN no son tenidos en cuenta en los informes de incidencia.