ECNMEuropean Competence Network on Mastocytosis
ECNMEnterprise Composite Network Model (computer networking)
ECNMEthical and Consensual Non-Monogamous (lifestyle community)
ECNMEuropean College of Naturopathic Medicine
ECNMEscherichia Coli Neonatal Meningitis
ECNMEarth Candle Night Mauritius
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Launched by GFH in 2007 and 2008 respectively, the ECNM and MITTIC projects cover 1,250 acres of prime development land at Navi Mumbai in the Indian state of Maharashtra.
The ECNM adds that the additional delay in the application of the new enforcement law, which is to enter in effect on 1 January instead of 20 August, is going to postpone the collection of claims.
It's hard to tell who's to blame but everybody has to be responsible, to act responsibly and to take long-term decisions," said ECNM President Nebi Hoxha.