ECODEcumenical Church of the Divine
ECODEthoxycoumarin O-Deethylase (enzyme)
ECODEstimated Cost Of Damage
ECODEvangelical Coalition on Drugs
ECODExport Control Operations Division
ECODElectronic Collect on Delivery
ECODEast Coast One Design
ECODElectrical Charging of Droplet
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5-fold) but significant induction of either EROD or ECOD activity after exposure to a naphthalene-saturated atmosphere (Ismert et al.
At the end of the exposure phase, there was significant elevation of ECOD activity for males in the 63-ppb exposure group when compared to all other exposures.
ECOD activity (pmol/min/100 [micro]g protein [+ or -] SE) in grass shrimp hepatopancrei.
At the highest pyrene dose (63 ppb), males had a significantly decreased number of molts, elevated ECOD activity, and delay in mating success.
In contrast to males, female molting, ECOD activity, and reproduction were not affected by any of these doses of pyrene.