ECODAEuropean Confederation of Directors Associations (Belgium)
ECODAEnhanced Central Office for Delay Analysis
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The ECODA model is focused on gaining international market share by linking growers, processors and exporters to the scientific research they need to win on competitiveness, productivity and uniqueness in those markets," said Rory Francis, President of ECODA.
Unlike ECODA, BusinessEurope considers that "Norway is an example where, despite quotas, the number of women in these positions has remained stable".
Ecodas drew upon its 20 years of experience manufacturing steam pressure autoclaves for the textile industry to design a medical waste treatment system.
The first stage of the Ecodas treatment involves loading contaminated waste into a hermetically sealed chamber that feeds a grinder with 20 rotating blades.
Ecodas designed three different versions of its waste treatment machines to accommodate a range of waste volumes and space available for installation.