ECOHEmployers' Coalition on Health (Rockford, IL)
ECOHEarly Childhood Oral Health (dentistry)
ECOHEagle Court of Honor (Boy Scouts of America)
ECOHExtended Coverage Ordinary Hazard (sprinklers)
ECOHEscarosa Coalition on the Homeless (Pensacola, FL)
ECOHElliptic Curve Only Hash (cryptography)
ECOHElim Cathedral of Hope (New Zealand)
ECOHExperience Company of Heroes (gaming)
ECOHEthiopian Community Organization in Houston (Texas)
ECOHEaldormere College of Heralds (Canada)
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Parents and caregivers identified key messages that they feel parents, families, and community members need to hear about ECOH.
This study was undertaken to understand parents', caregivers', and service providers' thoughts on ECOH promotion and the HSHC initiative.
Our findings also suggest that the ECOH recommendations should be practical and sensitive to parents' real life circumstances and social context.
18) Overall, the shame and embarrassment associated with their child's development of caries may be a barrier to the promotion of ECOH among parents and caregivers.
In fact, dental professionals in one study felt that non-oral health providers who work with pregnant women and infants are the appropriate messengers for ECOH as they are more likely to see these young children earlier.
9) Further, it demonstrated 1hat non-oral health providers can effectively deliver simple key ECOH messages.