ECOHISEarly Childhood Oral Health Impact Scale
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In the present study, parental guilt was assessed using one question from the ECOHIS questionnaire, but during its validation, (25) a significant correlation was found between the section containing the question on guilt and the children's dental health (r = 0.
Interestingly, the short version, which can be used for the 3-5 year olds according to the ECOHIS [Pahel et al.
8-10] * 8-10 anos Crianca P-CPQ * 6-14 anos Pais/ Responsaveis CHILD-OIDP 11-12 anos Crianca Atividades diarias relacionadas ao desempenho fisico, psicologico e social ECOHIS 3-5 anos Pais/ Subescala crianca responsaveis Subescala familia FIS * ([seccion]) 6-14 anos Pais e Atividade dos pais familiares /familia Emocoes dos pais Conflito familiar Encargos finaceiros Instrumento No de Referencia itens Versao em Portugues [CPQ.