ECOINEuropean Core Inventory of Chemicals
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this consultation concerning operating services, maintenance, troubleshooting and full warranty with work on district heating plants and collective solar hot water installations, water overpressure of the following groups of houses LOT 1 - mas bull (Southeast Agency)Lot 2 - grolieres / Noirettes (Southeast Agency)Lot 3 - ECOIN / underlay (Southeast Agency)Lot 4 - flat (Southeast Agency)Lot 6 - white louis 1 and 2 (Agency Centre)An initial consultation (Ref.
As an extension to RSBL SPOT, RSBL has introduced an eCoins system - 'RSBL eCoins'.
The use of eCoins is preferable from a privacy standpoint because it prevents any linkages between payment and purchase due to the unlinkability properties of credential transactions.