ECOTElectronic Classroom of Tomorrow (Ohio online homeschool)
ECOTEcumenical Coalition on Tourism (est. 1982)
ECOTEconomic Club of Toronto (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
ECOTEmployers Confederation of Thailand
ECOTExpeditionary Communications Officer Training (USAF)
ECOTExpert Committee on Tuberculosis (Canada)
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We compare our results to our previous work on DEMOCO [6] and ECOT [9].
We first consider holes inside objects, unlike DEMOCO [6], ECOT [9] and DCSC [4], which do not concern possible data loss or contention between nodes or how to route data to the sink.
ECOT has also found itself in hot water with the Ohio Department of Education because it could not substantiate how many students it had or how much time they spent learning.