ECPBEmergency Cardiopulmonary Bypass (resuscitation)
ECPBEastern Cape Parks Board (South Africa)
ECPBÉcole de Conduite et Pilotage La Bresle (French driving school)
ECPBEcology, Conservation and Pathogen Biology (University of Hawaii)
ECPBElectronically Controlled Pneumatic Braking (railway technology)
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The number of biopsy samples per ECPB was significantly higher in the GU group (9.
The number of biopsy samples per ECPB was not associated with the rate of ordering in either group.
Our results provide a published rate of IHC usage for a large number of consecutive cases of ECPB at an academic center in the prostate-specific antigen screening era.
Immunohistochemical stain utilization in ECPBs was compared between the 2 groups.
In this context of heightened environmental concern, but lagging ECPB, the concept of forest certification (third-party verification that forest management practices are consistent with predetermined criteria) has emerged.
those concerned for the welfare of others, also tend to exhibit ECPB.