ECRAEthical Consumer Research Association (Manchester, England)
ECRAElectronic Commerce Research and Applications
ECRAEuropean Cartridge Research Association
ECRAEnergy Conservation Reauthorization Act of 1998
ECRAEmission Certificate Registry Austria GmbH
ECRAEthical Credit Repair Alliance (Cincinatti, OH)
ECRAEpiscopal Caring Response to AIDS
ECRAEconomic Cleanup Responsibility Act
ECRAEconomic and Community Revitalization Activity
ECRAElmira-Corning Regional Airport (New York)
ECRAEtowah County Rational Alliance (Gadsen, AL)
ECRAEnvironmental Credit Risk Assessment
ECRAEast County Repeater Association
ECRAEuropean Carpet and Rug Association
ECRAElectrical Contractor Registration Agency
ECRAElectric Car Racing Association
ECRAEdgewater Community Religious Association
ECRAEngineering Change Request Authorization
ECRAEast Crawford Recreation Area (Kansas)
ECRAEthics Committee for Research on Animals
ECRAEaton Canyon Recovery Alliance (California)
ECRAEuropean Center for Risk Assessment
ECRAEducational Center for Retired Adults
ECRAEastern Center for Research in Astrophysics
ECRAExcess Casualty Reinsurance Association
ECRAEast Coast Racing Association
ECRAEthnicity, Culture, Race and Aging
ECRAEmerald Coast Reef Association, Inc. (Niceville, FL)
ECRAEastern Centre for Radio Astrophysics
ECRAEthical Committee for Research on Animals
ECRAEast Campus Research Association (University of Colorado)
ECRAEurope Chimaera Roleplayers Association
ECRAEugene Cota-Robles Award
ECRAExtended Component-based Reliability Assessment
ECRAEqual Credit Report Act
ECRAEdgewater Clergy Rabbi Association
ECRAEl Centro Resource Area (California)
ECRAEwell Court Residents' Association (UK)
ECRAElectrical Contact Ring Assembly
ECRAEarly Career Research Affiliates
ECRAEnvironmental Characterization and Risk Assessment
ECRAEngineering Change Release Authorization
ECRAEast County Runners Alliance (California)
ECRAEngineering Change Request and Analysis
ECRAEducational Consultants and Research Associates
ECRAElectricity & Co-generation Regulatory Authority (Saudi Arabia)
ECRAEquipment Change Request Authorization
ECRAEnvironmental Cleanup Response-Liability Act
ECRAEllicott City Residence Association
ECRAElectronic Communication for Rural America
ECRAEritrean Community Refugee Association
ECRAEuropean Command Reserve Affairs
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Mohammed Atif, DNV GLa s regional manager Middle East for energy, says: a DNV GL is very excited to bring in our global energy expertise into this world-class project, and we commend ECRA and SEC for taking this bold step to better understand the energy use of their customers and to unveil the potential of energy efficiency in the region.
These included those overseen by the state Superfund program; by the federal RCRA program, which manages active hazardous waste sites; and by the state ECRA program, which requires certification that a site is not contaminated before property can be sold or transferred.
Although currently exempted from New Jersey's ECRA statute, the owners and operators of gas stations may, in the future, become subject to its environmental review provisions that require site assessments to be conducted prior to any ownership, sale or transfer.
This came after the members listened to a report prepared by the Committee of Water, Agriculture and Environment based on the regular report of the ECRA for the year 1434-1435H read out by committee chairman Ali Al-Tikhais.
Mohammed Atif, DNV GL's regional manager Middle East for energy, says: "DNV GL is very excited to bring in our global energy expertise into this world-class project, and we commend ECRA and SEC for taking this bold step to better understand the energy use of their customers and to unveil the potential of energy efficiency in the region.
ECRA is an innovative consulting tool that enables select Websense VARs to a conduct gap analysis of an organization's perceived protection versus actual protection against threats in the employee computing environment.
Under the ECRA restrictions, workplace drug dealers, substance abusers, and those who choose to steal from their employers are more likely to avoid apprehension because they must be warned at the earliest stages of an investigation.
ECRA needs to be reformed, because we cannot be in a situation where $300,000 or $400,000 of a $500,000 clean-up job consists of "soft" costs like consulting and legal fees.
We carried out a project for the electricity regulator of Saudi Arabia, ECRA, to define a roadmap for smart grid and smart metering developments in the Kingdom.
Ahmed Shaheen, vice chairman of ECRA, said the forum will serve as an "intellectual revolution on the land of Egypt, to discuss and extrapolation of political and economic developments-and discuss proposals to improve the credit rating of Egypt and the political and economic outlook in the coming period.
Likewise, in New Jersey, where we are considered by many to be one of the strongest voices for commercial real estate in the halls of any State House in the nation, the passage of the Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA) last month capped off seven years of work to reform its predecessor, ECRA.
We are obviously disappointed with the outcome of our long-standing ECRA lawsuit, but are relieved that the end is in sight with respect to this old and distracting matter," Mr.