ECRSEuropean Cosmic Ray Symposium (est. 1968)
ECRSExpense & Cost Recovery System (data storage and usage)
ECRSEstonian Central Register of Securities
ECRSEastern Cooperative Recreation School (est. 1940; Canada)
ECRSEngineered Casting Repair Services (est. 1937)
ECRSÉtablissement Centre de Ravitaillement Sanitaire (French: Establishing Sanitary Supply Center)
ECRSEngineering Competence Reference Standards (UK)
ECRSEast Coast Radar System
ECRSEKMR (Extended Karnaugh Map Representation) Compressed Row Storage
ECRSEuropean Coordinate Reference Systems
ECRSElectron Cyclotron Resonance Source
ECRSEuropean Consortium for Sociological Research (EU)
ECRSEconomic & Contingency Reserve Stock
ECRSEastern Charlotte Regional School (St. George, New Brunswick, Canada)
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In this section we present our query processing algorithm ECRS.
As both smaller, regional grocers and large chains turn to technology firms like ECRS to aid them in supply chain fixes, RSR's Kilcourse advises them to "start small" with discrete projects, and to seek active advice from people on the outside who have experience in other industries.
ECRS will highlight the connectivity of the company's complete, end-to-end solutions for grocery retail.
In more recent years, cross-cultural adult attachment researchers including Wang and Mallinckrodt (2006) have empirically identified that some items in the ECRS Avoidance subscale actually represent behavioral norms encouraged in Chinese societies.
We hope that the ECRS meeting will be of significant relevance for attendees and that they will have a better idea of the techniques being described by learning from the international experts".
ECRS has completed certifications for two major payment processors: First Data and WorldPay.
A large negative correlation was found between the ECRS Avoidance subscale and the three FAPIS factors and total score.
The ECRS has two subscales, Anxiety and Avoidance, with a 7-point Likert-type scale (1 = disagree strongly, 2 = disagree somewhat, 3 = disagree slightly, 4 = neutral/mixed, 5 = agree slightly, 6 = agree somewhat, 7 = agree strongly).
Dr Kim, one of America's Top Ophthalmologist will be speaking at the Vision-X Dubai and Joint ECRS Meeting to be held alongside the exhibition on the 18 May.
Executives say the systems, from ECRS Software Corp.
ECRS is a software-centric self-checkout provider and Pan-Oston manufacturers custom store fixtures and cabinets for the retail industry.
Taking on the challenge of overcoming traditional thinking in grocery inventory processes, Mike Asher, Chief Operating Officer of Rollin' Oats, began implementing advanced features including recently introduced CATAPULT [TM] auto-reorder with DemandFILL[TM] and ECRS Gateway LogicSync[TM] technologies over the past year.