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ECRVEarth Crew Return Vehicle (spacecraft)
ECRVEmergency Communications Response Vehicle
ECRVEast Coast Realty Ventures (various locations)
ECRVElectronically Controlled Register Vent (heating)
ECRVExponentially Correlated Random Variable
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Michael Colvin, a Sacramento volunteer and operator of ECRV 4712 further stated, "We accepted delivery of the first of the fleet of ECRVs back in 2002.
42 for the store; $165,04 per acre for the adjoining land Last sale: N/A Property ID: 01-30-24-24-0002/0039/003 Date of deed: 1-30-1 for the store; 1-25-1 for the adjacent parcel ECRV released: 2-2-1 for the store; 2-1-1 for the adjacent parcel   Waconia medical center buys room to grow Description: ,293-square-foot retail gas station and convenience store, built in 1997 on 2.
1 million, with no down payment listed and new financing Price per square foot: N/A Last sale: N/A Property ID: 1-02-24-14-0023/0123/0120/0032/0036 Date of deed: 1-11-1 ECRV released: 1-12-1 Brooklyn Park office building sells for $2.
17 million for tax purposes Property ID: 30-017000 Date of deed: 1-1-1 ECRV released: 1-23-1 Redstone executes $5.
05 million in 2017 Property ID: 30-029-23-13-0030 Date of deed: 1-19-1 ECRV released: 1-22-1   CRAVE to bring rooftop dining to Arbor Lakes Description: 5,537-square-foot restaurant, once occupied by Wild Bills Sports Saloon, built in 2000 on 1.
05 million in 2006 Property ID: 21-119-21-21-0004/0005 Date of deed: 1-9-1 ECRV released: 1-11-1   Heartland acquires affordable Minnetonka rentals Description: Minnetonka Heights Apartments, 172 townhouse units in 14 buildings, built in 1976 on 1.
1 million for tax purposes Property ID: 0-116-21-44-0019 Date of deed: 1--1 ECRV released: 1-9-1   Fridley senior apartments draw $13.
Last sale:$490,000 quit claim deed in 2005 Property ID:36-029-24-32-0076 Date of deed:1-4-1 ECRV released:1-5-1 [divider] Related: New hoteliers take over downtown Minneapolis project Certificates of real estate value [divider] Like this article?
4 million in 2005 Property ID: 33-029-24-12-0014 Date of deed: -4-17 ECRV released: -12-17 Vintage apartments draw $2.
65 million in 2014 Property ID: 30-0044930; 30-0044940 Date of deed: -7-17 ECRV released: --17 Bloomington warehouse fetches $3.