ECSFEuropean Corporate Sustainability Framework (Netherlands)
ECSFEstacion Cientifica San Francisco (Spanish: Research Station San Francisco; Ecuador)
ECSFEducational Communications Scholarship Foundation (est. 1968)
ECSFEpiscopal Community Services Foundation
ECSFElectronic Combat Support Flight (Air Force Special Operations Command Software distribution system)
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Instruments at the disdrometer sites: 1) Biral VPF-730, 2) MRR-2 and OTT Parsivel, and 3) Automatic Weather Station (Campbell) in the ECSF area of the mountain rain forest (for LOXX radar).
Comparison of average annual rainfall totals for the ECSF area based on extrapolated rain gauge data (INAMHI) and radar rain retrievals (LOXX radar), superimposed to a DEM.
Radar Site Location ([degrees] and m MSL) CAXX La Virgen 2[degrees]46'S, 79[degrees]11'W; 3,626 Balzay 2[degrees]53'S, 79[degrees]02'W; 2,610 LOXX ECSF 3[degrees]58'S, 79[degrees]4'W; 1,860 GUAXX Laipuna 4[degrees]12'S, 79[degrees]53'W; 610 Provided Radar Instruments by CAXX 2x Thies Clima LPM U Cuenca 2x AWS Biral VPF-730 Metek MRR-2 LOXX OTT Parsivel U Marburg AWS Nubiscope Biral VPF-730 GUAXX Metek MRR-2 U Marburg AWS U Erlangen Table 4.