ECSLAEuropean Cold Storage and Logistics Association
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2 million having been acquired with the aforementioned ECSLA transaction.
This increase resulted from the fourth quarter 2008 completion of a stock offering related to the ECSLA transaction in which 163,569 shares of Emclaire common stock were issued at a price of $21.
More information regarding the program is available by phoning ECSLA at +31 38 452 6511, or sending an e-mail to info@ECSLA.
Theo van Sambeeck is managing director of ECSLA, and a general secretary will be appointed in Brussels to lobby industry issues.
During Brussels gathering, over 40 members addressed the ECSLA structure and future programs.
The new organization will retain the name ECSLA and be an affiliate partner of GCCA.
ECSLA President Wim van Bon, also from Holland, was on the same page: "ECSLA plays a critical role in lobbying for industry interests in Brussels and providing a network for the many national cold storage associations across Europe.
GCCA and ECSLA have worked side by side for many years, and through this agreement we are now moving in a common direction," said GCCA President and CEO Bill Hudson.
A comprehensive two-day conference agenda will include the Annual General Meeting of ECSLA, which is expected to attract more warehouse operators and logistics professionals than ever to the Amsterdam venue.
In addition to the European Warehouse Council meeting, which is restricted to GCCA and ECSLA coldstore operator members, a table-top trade show and full schedule of workshops will be presented.
All European cold chain-related associations, including ECSLA and Transfrigoroute, but also the national coldstore associations, will be invited not just to cooperate, but also to take part in this working group.
Also included in the Atlas is a description of ECSLA and its activities.