ECSNElectronic Component Supply Network (trade association; UK)
ECSNEuropean Climate Support Network (EUMETNET)
ECSNEndoscopy Center of Southern Nevada (Las Vegas, NV)
ECSNEuropean Concrete Societies Network (various locations)
ECSNEnquêtes Criminelles Relatives a la Sécurité Nationale (French: Criminal Investigations National Security; Canada)
ECSNEast Coast Sports Network
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Distributors also have become proactive in working to mitigate counterfeit product by participating in groups such as ECIA, ECSN, and CEDA, all of which were formed with the purpose of developing global standards and guidelines that assist in limiting counterfeit parts within the supply chain.
The Williams plaintiffs alleged specifically, that medical personnel at ECSN injected them with needles contaminated with hepatitis into vials of Propofol, and medical personnel reused those vials and injected the plaintiffs with the then-contaminated Propofol.