ECSOOTEastern Canadian Shield Onshore/Offshore Transect (seismic data region)
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1996, Paleomagnetism and U-Pb geochronology of Mesoproterozoic dykes of Labrador and correlations with dykes of southwest Greenland, in Proterozoic Evolution of the North Atlantic Realm (Program and Abstracts): conference held in Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada and organized by IGCP 371, ECSOOT Lithoprobe Canada and International Basement Tectonics Association, p.
Relief on the Moho appears low in most LITHOPROBE soundings, as imaged in the GLIMPCE, Abitibi-Grenville and ECSOOT transects, compatible with a hot lower crust and thermal relaxation following orogenic thickening.
Virtually all LITHOPROBE lines across Paleoproterozoic orogens (SNORCLE, Alberta basement, THO and ECSOOT transects; Fig.