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ECSPEnvironmental Change and Security Project
ECSPExceptional Case Study Project
ECSPElectronic Communications Service Provider
ECSPE-Commerce Service Provider
ECSPElectronic Control Signal Processor
ECSPElectronic Command Signal Processor
ECSPErasmus Centre for Strategic Philanthropy (Netherlands)
ECSPEssex County Summer Players
ECSPEast Coast Sports Photography
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Chairman FBR Tariq Bajwa, Member Infrastructure P&D Punjab Abid Bodla and MD ECSP Karamatullah Chaudhary were also present in the meeting.
ECSP brings together scholars, policymakers, the media, and practitioners through events, research, publications, multimedia content (audio and video), and our award-winning blog, New Security Beat.
In addition, the companies may also qualify for about $30,000 from the BIR program and about $55,000 from ECSP.
Out of 446 individuals who filed their taxes at the ShoreBank site, 89 (20%) chose to open ECSP accounts.
In 1997, the ECSP formed the China Environment Forum.
Sanyo's leadless ECSP package with dimensions of only 1.
The information from this study, commissioned by Pitney Bowes Business Insight, was conducted by ECSP and interviewed 20 senior marketers in order to gain a deeper understanding of the importance that organizations place on customer trust, the benefits they're looking for, the way they measure trust and the management policies they put in place to influence it.
With energy costs being a company's second biggest expense, next to rent or mortgage, these BIR and ECSP benefits can play a significant role in the success of businesses like these," said IDA Executive Director Barbara Basser-Bigio.
With his 6 1/2 year tenure with the ECSP, Rob gained an extensive base of experience in customer satisfaction, brand imaging, product testing, and advertising research, servicing global companies such as Coca-Cola, Nike, Time-Warner, the NFL, and the NBA with qualitative and quantitative custom research.
ECSP addresses the needs of mutual Sun/Oracle customers moving their mission-critical applications to high-end Sun servers and workstations.
Once installed, we expect the ECSP kits to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the AWACS system.