ECUSAEpiscopal Church in the United States of America
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A major impetus for its establishment was the perception that the ECUSA was drifting away from biblical moorings.
That only in 1970 did the General Convention of ECUSA agree to admit women to its General Convention shows the traditional conservatism of that church which was being overwhelmed by the social revolutions of the long 1960s.
Aside from being the only woman in the all-male grouping of church leaders, Bishop Schori attends her first meeting among equals burdened by very public upheavals in her own backyard that some observers have noted, almost seem orchestrated to shame her and to force the resolution of the division within the Communion against ECUSA.
The big question in the current Anglican crisis is whether the battle over Robinson, for all its emphasis on issues of sexuality that past generations could barely have imagined, is just another reflection of that age-old battle, or whether the ECUSA has rejected all Anglican orthodoxy in the pursuit of a sincere but secularist devotion to sexual equality.
Ecusa said he had no doubt how the war would eventually play out.
Its stumbling block in 1997 was the insistence from ECUSA that this step, which would bring the "interim" sharing of pulpit and altar to fruition, required that bishops in the ELCA henceforth be ordained or installed into their offices as part of the peculiarly Anglican "historic episcopate.
As the Windsor Report pointed out ECUSA seem to have written off large sections of the latter collection of documents altogether.
The recent Windsor Report called on ECUSA to "express regret" and observe a moratorium on such actions.
That falls to Dr Rowan Williams and his unwillingness to expel offending ECUSA representatives is causing massive tensions with the African Provinces.
Following the ECUSA decision to respond to the Windsor Report by asking dioceses "to exercise restraint by not consenting to the consecration of a candidate to the episcopate whose manner of life presents a challenge to the wider church," Essentials Canada said the move means the U.