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ECVExternal Cephalic Version
ECVEnhanced Call Verification (ADT Alarm Services)
ECVExtracellular Volume
ECVElectrical Cardioversion
ECVExpanded Capacity Vehicle
ECVExpected Commercial Value
ECVEmergency Control Valve (engineering)
ECVEssential Climate Variable
ECVEnsemble de Cuivres Valaisan
ECVEuropean Construction Ventures
ECVEmbedded Computer Vision (IEEE workshop)
ECVEmergency Communications Vehicle (satellite based voice and data communications vehicle used in disaster recovery)
ECVEffective Circulating Volume (renal function)
ECVEnhanced Compliance Validation (US DoD)
ECVEstimated Cash Value (stamp collecting)
ECVE Clampsus Vitus
ECVEnvironmental Compliance Verification
ECVEnamel Cotton Varnish
ECVElectrical Complexes of Vehicles
ECVElectric Clock Voice
ECVElectric Conveyance Vehicle (disability aid)
ECVEscudos Capverdien (French: Cape Verdean Escudos; monetary unit)
ECVEco City Vehicles (UK)
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We used the ECV to characterize uncommon Candida spp.
Besides it was examined predictive value of the LAVI in the recurrence of AF after a successful ECV in patients with non-valvular AF In that study the authors concluded that lower LAVI values before the ECV are strong and independent predictors of the success of the ECV and the maintenance of SR after a successful ECV (3).
Finalmente, del conjunto de variables que se han relacionado con la aparicion y progresion de un ECV, la autoeficacia percibida aparece con alta frecuencia en las investigaciones relacionadas con salud cardiovascular, debido al impacto que tienen en la adopcion de habitos protectores y abandono de conductas perjudiciales como el sedentarismo, la alimentacion inadecuada y el habito tabaquico (Maan et al.
The ECV II, however, will bridge the transition to the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV), which is planned to begin replacing the Humvee in US Army and US Marine Corps service in 2012.
Neither Wenatchee nor East Wenatchee require ECV and respond to every unresolved call.
With ECV, if there is no response to the first call, a second call is placed to another number, preferably a cell phone number provided by the alarm user.
Severe obesity was associated with a lowered rate of successful ECV and a very high rate of failed trial of labor," said Dr.
AvgF = the mean catch of fish; AvgS = the mean catch of shrimp; FCV = fish CV; SCV = shrimp CV; ECV = Effort CV; r = the correlation coefficient between the catch of fish and the catch of shrimp, n = observer coverage; P(S) = probability of catching shrimp; and P(F) = probability of catching fish.
Although the highly polished engine interior doesn't make a big difference to performance, changes to the engine management system with a Turbo-systems ECV Chip mean that the engine now produces 170bhp, giving it a performance comparable with more modern cars.
4) ECV defines itself as dedicated to the erection of historical plaques, the protection of widows and orphans, especially the widows, and having a grand time while accomplishing these purposes.
Sutton Coldfield have a home tie against Cambridgeshire Nomads following their 2-1 win over Lichfield while Solihull Blossomfield, 5-1 victors over Kettering, are away to ECV Hornets.