ECVETEuropean Credit System for Vocational Education and Training
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Supuso la creacion del Espacio Europeo de Educacion Superior, y sus principales herramientas fueron el sistema ECVET de creditos ECTS, y el Europass.
An ECVET expert should be a professional active in VET advising colleagues on how best
to implement ECVET and on how to exploit all possibilities for VET cooperation offered
With the ECVET scheme, units of learning outcome are defined and credits assigned to each.
It will implement the ECVET principles and will establish targeted assistance from regulators that will play a crucial role in the endorsement of the proposed courses and learning objectives.
Speaking to MEPs during a visit to Brussels on 22 January, Zver stressed his belief that the ECVET system, once set up, would make it easier for people with vocational skills to have their training recognised in another member state.
To create and improve a framework Pathways for Agricultural Competence and skills based Training (PACT) based on EQF and ECVET, which will allow the sharing of definitions among different actors involved, i.
The implementation of the ECVET principle in the nuclear energy sector plays an additional role.
Keywords: Sustainable building, knowledge, competence, skills, certification, validation, social partners, formal, informal, non-formal learning, EQF, ECVET, energy saving, Vocational Training Plan, indicators
NA at BIBB is also National Center euro passport and National coordinating body for the implementation of ECVET and the European Agenda for Adult Education in Germany.