EDAPEnergy Descent Action Plan
EDAPEnterprise Development Alliance Program
EDAPÉcole Départementale des Arts et du Patrimoine (French: Departmental School of Arts and Heritage)
EDAPEating Disorders Awareness and Prevention
EDAPEmergency Department Approved for Pediatrics
EDAPExtended Data Availability and Protection (fault tolerant disk technology)
EDAPEuropean Autonomy and Diversity Papers (est. 2004)
EDAPEconomic Development Assistance Program
EDAPExcess Delivery Acquisition Program (US FEMA)
EDAPEngineering and Design Advisory Panel
EDAPÉquipe Départementale d'Animation Pédagogique (French: Animated Pedagogical Departmental Team)
EDAPEngineering Development Assistance Program
EDAPEDGE Dynamic Abis Pool
EDAPEGPRS Dynamic Abis Pool
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He also added that EDAP will elicit the support of the private sector in the realization of the said endeavor together with the leadership of the Foundation for Crime Prevention.
Currently, EDAP TMS SA markets Ablatherm for high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) for prostate tissue ablation in the US and for treatment of localized prostate cancer in the rest of the world.
La EDAP es un instrumento para la deteccion de ninos con autismo que tienen entre cuatro y cinco anos de edad y que cursan el nivel preescolar.
EDAP TMS markets Ablatherm for high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) treatment of localized prostate cancer.
The courses offered under the EDAP should include those that will train the beneficiaries or grantees in the areas of sound farming technologies and farm management, thereby contributing to the productivity of the industry," she said.
Marc Oczachowski, Chief Executive Officer of EDAP TMS, commented, "This is a significant regulatory achievement and a key milestone as we received EU market clearance for the first robotic HIFU device dedicated to a focal targeted treatment approach.
Our results are even better than those presented by Tung 199011 and Robert 199512 using EDAP LT-02 lithotripters.
This 3-year EUREKA label research cooperation program between Epitarget AS, a Norwegian company, French academic laboratory INSERM and EDAP, confirmed that HIFU activates the encapsulated cancer drug doxorubicin after accumulation in solid tumors and thereby facilitates drug delivery.
Urologix acquired this patent in 2000 as part of the acquisition of the Prostatron product line from EDAP TMS S.
A steady increase in the limiting oxygen index (LOI) is observed with increasing levels of EDAP in polypropylene.