EDCAEnhanced Distributed Channel Access
EDCAEnterprise Data Center Architectures
EDCAEnhanced Distributed Channel Access (IEEE 802.11e)
EDCAEscadron de Détection et Contrôle Aéroportés (French: Airborne Control and Detection Squadron)
EDCAEuropean Deaf Christian Alliance
EDCAExecutive Director for Conventional Ammunition
EDCAenhanced dollar cost averaging
EDCAEast Dorset Cycling Association (UK)
EDCAElectronic Documentary Credit Advising
EDCAEntropically Driven Colloidal Assembly
EDCAEnvironmental Data Collection Activities (US EPA)
EDCAEuropean Debt Collection Alliance
EDCAEmergency Department Clinical Assistant
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Last July the Philippine Supreme Court affirmed as constitutional the EDCA, which seeks to develop the capability of US and local forces to interoperability and capacity-building for external defence, maritime security, maritime domain awareness and humanitarian and disaster response.
The SC also junked senate resolution 105, which states that EDCA is a treaty and must be approved by the senate.
To my mind, EDCA has a very practical purpose for developing our own armed forces: All the modern hardware carries a significant price tag; yet with EDCA, we have a chance to try the cutting-edge equipment and see just how suitable they are to our needs, without having to buy them first.
EDCA, which will be in force for 10 years, will permit US forces to have extensive access to Philippine military facilities, including the former US air and naval facilities at Clark air base and Subic Bay naval base.
Several studies have attempted to improve the traffic performance of the EDCA [10].
The EDCA is an agreement between the Philippines and the United States which is envisioned to advance the implementation of the Philippine-US Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT).
The EDCA would allow US troops to use Philippine military bases for building new facilities and structures, which would enable the US military to do what is known in EDCA parlance as prepositioning.
EDCA is a "cornerstone for peace and stability in the Asia Pacific," del Rosario said.
This will be Obama's second trip to the Philippines since his two-day visit in April last year where he witnessed the signing of the EDCA.
Lacierda said Senators and groups like Bayan who are opposing the EDCA needs to see the accord in a positive light and gauge its merits.
The EDCA, which was signed in 2014, allows increased US military presence in the Philippines through the rotation of its personnel and logistics for maritime security operations and disaster response.