EDCBBallenstedt (airport code; Germany)
EDCBÉcole de Danse Chantale Boulay (Canadian dance school)
EDCBElectron-Dense Crystalline Body
EDCBEuropéenne du Chocolat Belgium (French: European Belgian Chocolate; Belgium)
EDCBÉtude et Distribution de Composants Bois (French lumber company)
EDCBEconomic Development Corporation Board
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Before implementation of EDCB could be expanded, Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) began.
Using these demand streams, EDCB was applied, with recommendations passed to SSAs in Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan.
Those SSAs that implemented EDCB experienced dramatic ASL improvements; those that did not saw stagnant performance.
One issue that sometimes created delays was the sheer time needed to review the thousands of recommendations that came from DCB and EDCB.
IROC is essentially a product improvement of the EDCB algorithm.
RAND Arroyo Center uses IROC results to fine-tune EDCB and improve the recommendations provided to deployed units by-