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EDDOEnlisted Personnel Distribution Office
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Tekken Torture Tournament (2001), Eddo Stern, Mark Allen, http://www.
Perhaps most poignant in this context was Eddo Stern's Sheik Attack, 2000.
The only previous Zimbabwean to take an ODI hat trick was Eddo Brandes against England in Harare in 1997.
1997: ODI v Zimbabwe England lost by 131 to complete an embarrassing 3-0 whitewash at the hands of chicken farmer Eddo Brandes (above).
Sylv is fit again and indeed we've got most people back now apart from maybe Eddo (Dave Edwards) and Zubey (Ronald Zubar),'' said Doyle.
Five England batsmen recorded ducks, three of which were first-ballers, as chicken farmer Eddo Brandes left Mike Atherton's team wiping egg from their faces.
Merv PS: If you're wondering why I'm so fat, it's because, like Zimbabwean Eddo Brandes told Glenn McGrath, every time I pounds $%& your wife she gives me a biscuit
The current exhibition, Darkly Comic, features the work of Eddo Stern and Marina Zurkow which uses video games and cartoons to make an adult statement.
Glenn McGrath and Eddo Brandes: After Brandes played and missed at a McGrath delivery, the Aussie bowler politely enquired: 'Oi, Brandes, why are you so fat?
EUD, 1-10-2002, Eddo Polesel, Nacional y Politica).
These men are busy doing their jobs - Eddo & Yasir.