EDESEsthetique de Suisse (French: Aesthetic Switzerland; spa; Switzerland)
EDESEthnikos Dimokratikos Ellinikos Syndesmos (Greek: National Republican Greek League; Greece)
EDESEquipment Definition Evolution Sheet (aviation)
EDESElectrical Designer (DesSoft program)
EDESExecutive Director for Explosives Safety (US DoD)
EDESEcological Design Education Survey (various schools)
EDESElectronic Document Encryption System
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The information in EDES can be stored as text files (primary information entries) and as binary files (attachments).
The EDES Administrator or an eligible user can create a topic outline of any complexity and depth with any number of entries per any topic/sub-topic.
Security is controlled by the EDES Administrator who specifies for each user a username, password and assigned access rights.
EDES also supports a CHAT mode -- real time, interactive discussion -- between users.
Accessing EDES from a remote location does not require any client software except for Telnet capabilities over the Internet.
A short length of the course (8 parts), its review character, a lecture format suitable for e-mail correspondence with simultaneous Telnet access to EDES, direct contact with the course instructor -- all this made it easy to enter the world of distance education.