EDFMEast Delta Flour Mills (Sharkeya, Egypt)
EDFMElectrical Design For Manufacturing
EDFMEnhanced Defense Financial Management
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EDFM owns 13 modern mills, nine laboratories and boast three silos, each with a storage capacity of 30,000 tonnes of wheat in Sharqeya, Ismailia, and Dakahlia.
In addition, the official stressed that EDFM is still interested in communicating with the Ministry of Supply to obtain the final approval to purchase or allocate land for the company in Damietta, in order to establish a milling and grain storage food project in accordance with the government's Logistic Centre Project.
For instance, things like EDFM, Business Smart and E-manage.
On the other hand, the EDFM method provides a commercial model that allows guaranteed savings over a fixed period of time where we invest in the capital to fulfil the project, relieving the client from any upfront costs," he adds.
The first of its kind in the region, Emrill's EDFM model combines maintenance and energy optimisation to integrate the exact requirements for enhancing a building's performance over a period of time.
The EDFM model not only increases the asset life cycle but also decreases the downtime of assets, with a positive impact on financials, thereby allowing Emrill to offer free technical services for over a year funded by the savings achieved on utilities of a 3-5 year contract.